Realtime Graphics

Automotive Virtualization Realtime

With carefully mapped uv layout for higher resolution, grouped little parts as possible and save as another file to maintain higher resolution uv maps in every section of the model in this case You're gonna have more detailed baked lightmass to empower visual quality. Especially used high resolution models to boost smoothness of model and take advantage of anti aliasing. Unreal has node based scripting language called blueprint. I scripted a bunch of buttons to function some parameters like camera angles and resolution buttons. Soon I will publish realtime version of that effort on my website. Stay tuned. Realtime graphics goes really fast. Thank you.

Experimenting lighting with Unreal Engine 4.6

Modeling is not detailed that I need to see Unreal engine's potencial lighting power. Matinee is a really powerfull tool to setup your camera animation and cut. It's also supports realtime post effects to create more dramatic athmospheres.

White Material GI Bake

I mapped uv carefully with uv layout. I also tweak BaseLightmass.ini file to increase gi quality to achive better lighting results.


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